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Music Cities Network (MCN) is a public/private network dedicated to improving communication and cooperation, sharing research and knowledge, exploring policy and advocacy, and networking for policy makers, city leaders and all other music city stakeholders. MCN is a membership- and collaboration-based network, focused on project development, research, networking (events and digital) and publicity.

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26 Sep 2017
2017-09-26 15:01
MCN starts first international Audience Development Knowledge Exchange Program

Get an insight and the full report here

2017-09-26 15:01
25 Sep 2017
2017-09-25 11:28
Full house @ MCN reception & panel during Reeperbahn Festival 2017

Read more here.

2017-09-25 11:28
04 Aug 2017
2017-08-04 11:40
Sydney: We're all in this together

We're all in this together: sound, cities, and the music industries that rely on them.

2017-08-04 11:40

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