There are a number of synergies between the music and tech sectors that are so far under
utilised and exploited. For example, the role that dissemination vehicles like Facebook or
Snapchat have in promoting and supporting music are complex, varied and full of challenges,
as well as opportunities. As new opportunities to monetise content emerge, such as
Blockchain technology, more guidance and thought leadership is required to further the
collaboration and fiduciary opportunities between music and tech. This is the aim of the
Music Cities Network (MCN), a new global network that will develop thought leadership and
solutions between music, tech and the places we live, work and play.

To do so, MCN will complete a research project to investigate and outline global best
practices in cities where the music, technology and start-up sectors are working together

The network invites other music cities to become part of the MCN's first research project. The
report will outline ways in which music cities can support the development of both the music
and tech industries. The project will showcase the most successful ways to develop business
opportunities for musicians, technologists and creative entrepreneurs.

We will look at different sub-sectors of the broader music industry – e.g. live, recorded,
education and their involvement with tech.

The report will include:

  • Music and Technology - short description and definition
  • Worldwide Best Practices
    • Projects initiated by public institutions
    • Projects initiated by the industry
    • Projects initiated by government and industry
    • Research projects
  • Recommendations for cities on how to support the intertwining of sectors
  • Guidance for the future

The research project will provide a worldwide overview of successful music and tech
projects, in order to achieve this, a wide range of cities will be analysed to contribute to the
depth and congruity of the research.

We ask for a contribution of 2,500 EUR from each of the cities that are not yet part of the
network. An executive summary will be published publicly, however, the full report will only
be available to the participating cities.

Timeframe: February 2017 - Juli 2017

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