2017-03-09 17:15

Music Cities Showcase @ SPOT Festival 2017

We’re proud to present the first Music Cities Showcase showcasing new talent from Hamburg, Aarhus and the “candidate-city” of Bergen in Norway, on Saturday the 6th of May @ The SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

Check this exciting line-up presenting newcomers Drew from Aarhus, SHI from Hamburg and Great News from Bergen.

Music Cities Showcase is produced by RockCity Hamburg - Centre of Popular Music, Promus & Brak – and is supported by Music Cities Network, OFF TRACK 2017 and Aarhus 2017 - Europæisk Kulturhovedstad

Drew – melodic art-pop with Drew’s seductive vocal in front.

The Other SHI – enchanting vocals and electronic beats.

Great News – cool, melodic rock from Europe's most rainy city..

Further info here.

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