2020-06-08 09:46

European Music Business Task Force by MCN & PROMUS

We are more than happy to announce that the Music Cities Network in collaboration with PROMUS were awarded an EU grant for our upcoming European Music Business Task Force initiative - a project where 12 young European music managers will prepare a "manual" to strengthen European music exports - to Europe!

The “European Music Business Task Force” is a training programme facilitating a working network of 12 young European music business professionals (the Task Force) at the beginning of their careers. The project is designed by a partnership of eight European cities and aims to improve the professional expertise of the Task Force through a transnational music business master class.

By working with music business festivals and established industry professionals, the common goal of the Task Force is to gain and share knowledge of the current structural changes of the music sector affecting the European market and collaborating to discover tools and insights for developing a strong, sustainable transnational market for European music - within Europe. 

More soon!


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