2018-01-22 12:37


MCN hosted workshop & panel @ Eurosonic 2018

In cooperation with LiveKomm, the German national association for clubs and venues, MCN hosted a workshop and a panel at the Eurosonic Norderslaag Festival in Groningen Netherlands. The workshop and the panel focused on Social Media Strategies for Venue Makers.

What makes a person decide to go to a concert? Which content strategy is the right one for my venue and my target group? How can I get the most out of all the social media channels without spending too much time and money? What are the best digital tools to empower my existing and new audiences? Which growth hacks work best for me? How can I organise the whole social media stuff with my daily working routine? Which role shall my venue have in the future society?

Starting point was the recently published study “The Future of Venue Communication", which investigates best practice models of online marketing strategies, audience development and experience in the music sector. The study shows that - when talking social media - there still is a lot of potential which is not being used by venues yet. Other fields, such as fashion and also (big) artists, use social media channels to a bigger extent already.

MCN was happy to welcome over 25 workshop participants and a full house during the panel at Oosterpoort with lively discussions and will publish a minute with the best ideas and results. Moreover MCN will continue to initiate further exchanges in this area together with LiveKomm and more associations, f.e. Live DMA, the European venue network, being active in this field. 

More infos:

Workshop @ ESNS here.

Panel @ ESNS here.

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