2017-09-26 15:01

The Future of Venue Communication: Music Cities Network starts first international Audience Development Knowledge Exchange Program

The Music Cities Network (MCN) starts international Audience Development Knowledge Exchange Program between the venues and festivals of the participating music cities to investigate best practice models of marketing and audience development strategies, share experiences in the music sector, and look into the future. 

The aim of the study is to connect the different venues, festivals and music scenes in the participating cities and to share their knowledge in the field of venue communication. The concept of ‘Audience Development’ has received much attention lately, but it has been put into use by music operators for a long time. It is a collective term that describes strategic, dynamic and interactive processes that encompass all aspects of promotion, publicity, marketing, public relations, programming, membership, community engagement, communications, and educational programs aimed at making the arts widely accessible and addressing the needs of existing and potential audiences.

Find the project page here with all further information. 

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