2019-03-15 11:32

Music Cities Manual by Sound Diplomacy


Sound Diplomacy has published a Music Cities Manual, with a set of tools, case studies and lessons to increase the value of music in music cities, town or place. Also the The Music Cities Network is part of the manual as case study.

This document is your introduction to realising what your music policy can deliver. Music is a revenue stream you haven’t realised yet. And music, when successful, drives growth across a variety of sectors, from film to fashion, education to logistics.

The Music Cities Manual provides 13 comprehensive, common-sense steps for any city, place or government to incorporate music into its overall strategic aims, goals and management plans. From planning and zoning to industry development, education to health and wellbeing, equity and social inclusion, music is an expansive, powerful tool to develop more representative, participatory urban strategies that can be used to improve urban policy, resilience and growth.

The Music Cities Manual further supports a trend emerging around the world - cities are paying more deliberate and intentional attention to their music, culture and night time economies. A dozen new ‘Night Mayor’ posts have emerged over the last few years and music offices are growing globally, being incorporated into both economic development and tourism departments around the world.

Never before has a report been released that links music directly to every city department, and details how it is a tool to improve access, create jobs, drive wealth and support sustainable tourism. With this document and with Sound Diplomacy’s direction, your music policy will create jobs, drive economic growth, support sustainable development goals, increase tourists and improve quality of life.

"We hope cities, regions and places use this guide as a catalyst to improve their communities through music, because evidence demonstrates that this is what happens when music is incorporated in policy early and often."
— Dr. Shain Shapiro, Founder & President, Sound Diplomacy

Have look at the full report and spread the word.

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