2017-01-18 15:00

Sydney: Magical childrens’ theatre company takes up residency at Waterloo Library



It all started over a beer. Having finished their studies, a group of young acting school and creative graduates were looking for a new project. Among them were Kathryn and Scott Parker, who would go on to found Matriark Theatre, the new arts company taking up residency at the new Creative Live/Work space above Waterloo Library.

Some of the artists were trained in ‘Commedia dell’Arte’, a form of theatre that began in 16th century Italy and is famous for using masks, character tropes and improvisation. They pulled together a short theatrical piece and entered festivals. This style of theatre, with a ‘touch of puppetry’, as Scott says, still informs Matriark’s work.

Now, a multi-arts theatre company, Matriark is the latest independent artist group to take advantage of one of our creative spaces. The theatre will use the self-contained apartment as their accommodation and working studio. They will also collaborate with the library during their 12-month tenancy, bringing childrens’ books to life through puppetry and character comedy.

More info: bit.ly/2jLarXx

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